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Stretcher Conversion Kits

To assist some government agencies whose budgets are shrinking, ACES Equipment Sales, LLC can provide a lower cost stretcher conversion system that gives emergency responders a way to provide a mass casualty evacuation when available funds are limited.

An ACES Equipment Sales stretcher conversion system is suggested for dedicated buses only! We do not advocate the removal and reinstallation of school bus seats. This takes too much valuable time during an emergency or disaster. Additionally, many school districts and government agencies may question the potential liability if school bus seats are reinstalled incorrectly. ACES Equipment Sales recommends that you convert a vehicle with permanent status.

The ACES Equipment Sales Conversion System has the a patented sliding stretcher system that responders will appreciate the ease and safety this system offers in loading and unloading patients.

• The sliding stretchers lock into position and eliminate vertical or horizontal movement during transport.
• Our stretcher support system is secured to the structure of the vehicle.
• We do not use framework that extends across the aisle, creating an impact hazard for care givers.
• Our system also prevents swaying that a strap system may cause.
• Our system can handle NATO military style stretchers or standard patient stretchers.

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